Вопросы про Perl 6

Старший perl-разработчик ActiveState Jan Dubois ответил на мой вопрос о планах компании по созданию компилятора Perl 6:
Please note that ActiveState is not trying to create competing implementations to the open source community. Even if we wanted to, we simply would not have the resources to do that. It takes a full community to eventually a rrive at a working, maintainable, production-quality implementation.

I understand that many people are frustrated by the amount of time that has elapsed since the idea of Perl 6 was first discussed. But some things simply cannot be rushed beyond a certain speed; otherwise you have to redo them as soon as you finish your first draft.

ActiveState can help with packaging of pre-built binaries, providing installers and additional tools. But I feel that it is still too early to do this for Perl 6. I think we should spend any additional time we find on improving our Perl 5 support instead.

См. Начало разговора на nntp.perl.org

Сообщество разработчиков Pugs на другой мой вопрос Is Perl 6 too late? (это название — пародия на недавнее обсуждение Is Parrot too late?), когда Pugs позволит компилировать программы в работающий байт-код, ответило, что все в руках разработчиков 🙂